Today marks the 50th anniversary of The Beatles' arrival in the U.S., and even a half-century later the group remains very popular on this side of the Atlantic.  Three-quarters of the respondents in a CBS News poll say they like the Fab Four "at least a little," while nearly 40-percent describe themselves as Beatle fans.  The numbers are even higher among people ages 55 to 64.  Ninety-percent of those who were five-to-14-years-old in 1964, when The Beatles made their historic debut on "The Ed Sullivan Show," like the band.  Overall, just 15-percent say they don't like the group. 

And the "Cute Beatle" is also the most popular one in this country.  Paul McCartney leads the list as America's favorite Beatle, with 35-percent saying they like him the most.  John Lennon follows with 29-percent of the vote.  Eleven-percent prefer Ringo Starr, while eight-percent like George Harrison the best.  But the list is slightly different when broken down by gender.  Lennon takes the top spot among male voters.  Paul still lands in first place on the women's list.