Nashville Seeing Red Over Blake Shelton's Bar ‘Ole Red’

Blake Shelton has been known to push the envelope and it appears that his Honky Tonk style bar, ‘Ole Red’ is following suit.

Recently, a complaint has been filed against the Ryman Hospitality owned property in General Sessions Court for improper exterior lighting.

As it turns out, Nashville law says you can’t bath your building in red lighting even if it is a direct reflection of your company’s branding.

In August 2017, the Nashville Historic Zoning Commission passed a policy against colored exterior lights within districts with historic overlays. While the front of Ole Red is white and is not faced with historic overlays, the sides of the building are brick and fall under the jurisdiction of the newly passed law.

‘Ole Red’ is not alone, the law has directly affected many businesses who shared in the surge of neon that lights that warmly pulsate along Broadway.

Photo Credit: Getty Images.