Nicole Combs Talks About Transition To Motherhood, Welcoming Baby No. 2

Photo: Getty Images

Nicole Combs caught up with her social media followers in a Q&A when she invited them to “ask me anything” on her Instagram story on Wednesday (September 27). As she fielded some questions, Nicole shared what it was like to become a mother of two.

Nicole and her husband, country superstar Luke Combs, welcomed their second child last month, and are now raising two sons under two years old. First, the parents welcomed Baby No. 1, Tex Lawrence Combs, on Fathers Day in June 2022. They previously announced that Baby No. 2, son Beau Lee Combs, made his arrival on August 15, and “we couldn’t love you more.”

One Instagram user wanted to know whether the transition from having zero kids to one was more difficult, or if going from one child to two was more difficult.

“Going from 0-1 was absolutely wild & overwhelming for me,” Nicole responded. “The lifestyle change being the reason. Not being able to do whatever whenever (even something simple like shower lol) was something I never really thought about bc nobody ever talks about it. If it makes me sound selfish idc. I wouldn’t change my life now for anything. At the time, it was just a shock.

“Now I’m just in it & used to not really getting any sleep in the beginning,” she continued. “I don’t mind it at all.. bc now I know it goes by so fast, too fast. Going from 1-2 has been really easy for me personally!”

On another slide, an Instagram user asked which son’s birth was more difficult, and Nicole said “Tex by farrrrr. My epidural didn’t work with Beau so that says a lot.”

Not all Instagram users asked about mom life, however. Nicole also shared the book she’s currently reading (None of This is True, by Lisa Jewell), her choice of wine (Pinot Noir or Cabernet), favorite places to visit in Montana, and even revealed that the “Forever After All” hitmaker is the “main cook” in the family (his steak is “unrealllll”), and more.

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