Amy Learned Crazy Trick To Get Blood Out Of Clothes

The girl holds in her hands a white dress with red spots and an example with a clean dress without a stain after washing, washing dirty clothes, dirty and clean clothes

Amy was having a suit altered and the person doing the alterations put some pins in that she forgot about, and she accidentally pricked her finger and a little bit of blood got on the suit! 

The lady shared with her a trick to get it out. She said to take a little bit of saliva and put it where the blood is and that should get the blood out. But it has to be your saliva, not anyone else's. Amy did it and it worked, but she had never heard of that trick before, so she Googled it, and the information was correct! If it’s a small amount of blood on a garment, you can use your own saliva to get it out.  No one else on the show had ever heard of this trick either! 

Photo: Getty Images 

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