Scuba Steve Launches Investigation Into Lunchbox’s Phone Bill

Scuba Steve is launching an investigation into Lunchbox’s phone bill after his phone number showed up under another name.  

Scuba Steve just got a new phone and while he was transferring over his contact list, his phone rang. He recognized the number, but not the name, Oscar Pavella. He answered and it was Lunchbox, and they had a conversation, but he didn’t mention anything about the name. After the call, he looked to see if that name was one of his family members, but it wasn’t, so he wants to know why a different name shows up with his number and who is paying his phone bill.  

Lunchbox said he pays for his own phone bill and Oscar is his friend from college who works for a telephone company, and he is on his family plan. The show couldn’t believe at 41, he is on someone else’s family plan still. He said it’s because it allows him to get unlimited and only pay $15 a month. Lunchbox’s wife is also on Oscar’s family plan too! 

In the past, Lunchbox gave Morgan crap that she is on her parent's car insurance plan, but he’s been doing the same thing with his phone for years! He hopes when his kids get older and have a cellphone, they will also be on his family plan.  

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