Gabby Barrett Shares The Inspiration Behind Her Kids’ Names

Gabby Barrett called into The Bobby Bones Show from a tour bus in Iowa to talk about her new song “Glory Days” that is out now! She also shared which country artist she wrote a song with for her next album and revealed the inspiration behind her kids’ names.  

When Barrett is working on new music, she sends it to her manager, Tom Lord, because she trusts he will tell her about his true thoughts on it and if she could do better. In the past, he hasn’t been scared to tell her his true feelings and if he didn’t like some of the songs she sent over. He wants the best for her and knows that he could give her the best advice, so when she sent him her new song “Glory Days” and he gave her positive feedback, she knew it would be her next single. She wrote the song “Glory Days” with a few friends when they started talking about the amount of life Barrett has lived in such a short time. At 23, she’s already a very successful singer and a mom of two. She wrote this song about how she feels she is in her glory days right now. She doesn’t want to look back and realize these years were her glory days, she wants to be present it for it now.  

Barrett is one of eight kids and was the second to last born. She has five older half-siblings who were already moved out of the house when she was young. They’re all different ages and live in different states, so it’s rare for them to all be together. As for having a big family of her own one day, she said she is fine with just her two kids for now. She knows that raising kids is a full-time job, but she loves doing it. She revealed why both of her kids, Baylah born in January 2021 and Augustine Boone, born in October 2022, have names that start with ‘B.’ When her first one was born, she really liked the name Bailey but thought it was too common, so she found a way to put a spin on it. And they go by their second child's middle name because her husband, Cade, goes by his middle name too.

Barrett is currently working on a new album and wrote a song with Hilary Lindsey and Miranda Lambert for it. She couldn’t reveal the title but said it’s about the great state of Texas and it’s a really cool song that she’s hoping to get Lambert’s vocals on. When she sat down with Lambert to write, it was the first time she got to know what she was like in person when the cameras aren't around, and it warmed her heart to find out she is one of the A-list celebrities who is not an awful person. She is extremely excited to have a song with her and release her new album hopefully sometime later this year.  

Barrett is touring and doing festivals all summer, for more information, go to  

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