Country Stars Reveal The Olympic Sports Where They Would Win Gold

We all have our favorite Olympic events to watch, and country stars are no different. 

In a series of recent interviews with Cody Alan, country stars Jimmie Allen, Cole Swindell, and Chase Bryant summed up their athletic talents responding to Cody's question, "What Olympic sport could you win gold?"

While you would think that these stars would have a strong aptitude for archery or maybe sailing, those are not the Olympic categories that Jimmie, Cole, or Chase say they would enter and win gold. 

JIMMIE ALLEN: "Being late," laughs Jimmie. "But, when I show up, I give you everything I got. I feel like people would rather me be a little bit late and give you everything I got than be on time and give you nothing." Jimmie continued to share that ping pong would be another Olympic sport to set his sights on. "If I could sing as good as I can play ping pong, whew!" squeals Jimmie. "Watch out, Shay Mooney!"

COLE SWINDELL: "Uber Eats," laughs Cole. "I probably already have gold in Uber Eats! I do love golf, and curling ain't bad either, but I don't know. The fact that the Olympics are going on, man, they train their whole lives for this. So, it's an exciting time, but Uber Eats…I am a pro at that!"

CHASE BRYANT: If wearing tight pants was an Olympic sport, I would win gold. 

What Olympic event would you take gold in? Let Cody Alan know by connecting on Twitter at @CodyAlan. 

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.

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