One of the Greatest Baseball Players to EVER play the game just died.

I know this news broke earlier today but I hope as a B'more boy and a life long Orioles fan, you'll allow me to share my moments with the great Frank Robinson a former member of the Orioles, Nationals, Expos, Indians, Reds.

I'm saddened by the news but honored to have gotten to spend time with him. One of the Greatest to EVER play baseball.

My all time favorite story about Frank Robinson.

Back story on the friendship between the two Robinsons in Baltimore. When the 30 year old Frank Robinson was traded to the Orioles from Cincinnati in 1966, Baltimore was still very segregated. Real estate agents didn't necessarily show black families the same homes for sale as they did for white ones. When Brooks Robinson, (raised in the racially strained city of Little Rock, Arkansas) heard about Frank and his family only being shown roach infested dilapidated houses, he stepped in and insisted he be given every opportunity to live where ever he wanted to in Baltimore. The 60's were a much different time but Brooks Robinson stood for what was right and fair and he insisted on nothing less for his fellow Robinsons. Frank never forgot that and their friendship survived to this day. Brooks apparently was one of the last people to speak to Frank too.

As an Orioles Fantasy camper in 1997, I’ll never forget my time alone in a batting cage with one of the greatest hitters in baseball history. He was a machine with lumber in his hands. He taught me great methods for hitting a baseball off if a tee.Repetition and focus. He was associated with a number of teams but it’s ironic that he passed at 83 considering 1983 was a year for the O’s forever! - Michael J On Air

Frank Robinson's accomplishments will NEVER be duplicated.

-Took the Orioles to 2 World Series wins

-Rookie of the year

-First African American Manager

-All star MVP

-1966 Triple Crown -Gold glove winner

-World Series MVP

-his number 20 has been retired by The O’s Reds and Indians

-586 home runs

-National league mvp

-American league mvp

-MLB hall of fame

-O’s HOF

-Indians HOF

-Reds HOF

-Presidental Medal of Freedom. to name a few.

One other coincidence. The number 20's for both the Orioles and the Ravens have gone down in history after being worn by Hall of Famers!

R I P Mr. Frank Robinson.

From the 1970 World Series celebration with Frank robinson and the Baltimore Orioles