Michael J's 10 year old cousin, Chase is already playing in English Pubs!

I have some very dear cousins living in Leeds, England. My cousin's son, Chase is 10 and has obviously tapped in on the music DN that runs throughout my family! His mom, Stacie tells me, "He’s been playing for only 18 months, played violin for a year but didn’t mesh well with it so went for guitar." His mom found a great instructor to come to the house to teach him. He comes most weeks and they have a jam session. Anyone who's ever played music knows it's one thing to play in a studio or with an instructor and it's a much bigger deal to play in front of an audience! Mom tells me "Chase has played in two talent shows at school and would love to play in some pubs and get into "busking 😂 ."

I'm guessing that's the English word for playing anywhere people don't hassle you and move you along! I hear Chase, who's in the equivalent to 5th grade here in the U.S. even wrote his own song which he’s currently putting some music to with his teacher. He was invited to join in at the local pub last weekend and here's the video!! I've got to send this to my buddies Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell!

Keep working hard Chase. When you get back home to the States, maybe I can introduce you to my friend Brad Paisley. He seems like he knows something about guitar! You're doing great. Practice, Practice, Practice! Your Cuz, Michael J

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