IF you find money in the walls of a home you own, can you legally keep it?

A Minnesota contractor discovered thousands of dollars in a home he was renovating for a client and the owner was a charity organization. They were able to keep the money and use if for the charity. “We looked through it,” Rasmussen, the contractor said of finding the money while renovating an accessible home for a nonprofit Thursday. “It’s $20s and $50s, I’d say $30,000. Maybe more.”

That's NOT how it worked out in Arizona though where the court ruled differently. When $500,000 was found behind of the wall of a home there the court ruled that it belongs to the estate of a previous owner and NOT the current homeowners! You can read that story here.

I'm starting to wonder what would YOU do if you found something valuable behind your walls? I've gotta feeling more people wouldn't say anything to anyone! Am I right? lol

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